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Welcome To Shinjin Medics Inc.

ShinJin Medics Inc. researches, develops, manufactures, and supplies immunodiagnostic products.

Since 1992, Shin Jin Medics Inc., has been dedicated to everlasting R&D through diagnostic business
that today accumulates our own know-how and span advanced technology.
As staple products of Shin Jin Medics Inc. a wide range of diagnostic kits and the instruments such as Gamma counter,
Automatic Tube Washer and Incubator are used domestic market as well as world-wide.

We, Shin Jin Medics Inc., will make it possible to become the highest quality diagnostic reagent and
instrument manufacturer in Korea, based on the guaranteed quality and technical achievements,
and take the lead in the global market so that it makes a significant contribution to
development of immuno diagnostic and life science technology.

CEO Lee, Kwan Heang