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Diagnostic Reagent Laboratory

Shinjin Medics Inc. was founded in 1999 on the idea of
Becoming a world leader in the diagnostic reagent-related field.

Constant R&D and Achievements

From the beginning, it has performed a variety of
research activities and possessed Hepatitis,
Tumor marker, Triple marker, Infectious disease, Hormone and the like.

has brought satisfactory results by stretching the list of
products and improving performance as a result of continuous studies.

R&D Achievement

With CE-IVD certification, we go abroad beyond Korea.

RACER Development Successful

It developed our own RACER method to maximize the efficiency of our products.
RACER is a technology that can produce most test results in less than an hour,
and for the first time in the industry, it reduced the testing time of tumor marker tests such
as CA19-9 IRMA to less than an hour.

3rd Generation TSH IRMA Product Development Successful

It developed and commercialized the Ultra-sensitive HBsAg,
and the Ultra-sensitive PSA as the first product of Radioimmunoassay.
We succeeded in developing the 3rd generation TSH IRMA product
that can detect up to 0.005 ng/ml.