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MESSIAH Gamma Counter

User-friendly Gamma Counter

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  • Full Automation

    Fully automated system provides easy and fast performance with 5 or 10 detectors.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Windows 7 O/S base and touch screen allow easy access for users.

  • Automatic Upgrade System

    System connects to Dream Server and maintains the program up-to-date by automatic upgrade.

  • RF-ID System

    RF-chip contains protocol information which saves user's time and effort selecting protocol information each time.

  • Management Program

    Dream manager saves up to 100 Assay Protocols and collects all assay result date in sequence of date.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Detectors are designed as through-hole type so each detector can be handled seperately.It allows easier maintenance and decontamination of the detecting part.

  • Worklist Interface

    Work-list with sample information is transmitted from the network to the Gamma Counter

  • Additional availabilities

    Compatible Rack System, Automatic Calibration, Automatic Tube detection sensor, Multi Channel Analyzer, cross Talk, Spill Up/Down.


Detector GAMMA-10 : 10 Detector, through hole type GAMMA-5 : 5 Detector, through hole type
ADC Analog Conversion Rate : 12 Bit (4096 Channels)
Background I-125 <100, Co57 <100
Efficiency I-125 > 75%, CS-137 > 26%
Resolution I-129 < 28%, I-125 < 30%, Co57 < 17%
Deck Capacity GAMMA-10 : 540 Tubes, GAMMA-5 : 300 Tubes
High Voltage 650V ~ 800V (outset 720V)
ID System RF-ID (1024 Bit TF Tag)
Power 220V, 110V
Dimension (mm) 730(W) x 995(D) x 770(H)