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RIA Instrument RIA Instrument


MESSIA R-4200 is the fully automated open instrument for RIA testing

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  • Dispensing System

    Four washable needles are able to aspirate from two adjacent samples, or else, from the same reagent.Each needle is attached to a dilutor with one syringes with 1000uL (dispensing).A liquid and clot detector is provided for each needle in order to grant a correct functioning of the system.

  • Samples and Reagents

    Sample rack : 20 samples with easy bar-code reading design.Total 10 rails can handle up to 200 samples and give flexsible layout setup for various lab situations.Three types of reagent racks : give various options for users to optimize open system advantage

  • Workstation

    400 target rack (no-heating from 20 to 45℃ and shaken at different speed.)Soft-ware-mediated up to 350RPM and shaking speed.

  • Barcode System

    High performance barcode reader : fast, accurate and easy bar-code reading system.

  • Software : External PC

    The program is made of different modules which allow the user to :Insert and modify tests and its features.Insert the work-list aling with all relavant patient data.Monitor the entire test-run.Display and manage the final results.The software also includes a service module for checking instrument mechanical functioning which are :TMS(Time Management System) to optimize the time scores of each single test.Curve storage, whereby a new curve can be calculated by using only two calibrators.Quality Control Program.


Needle Type 4 Washable needles
Liquid Handling Range 10-1000ul with steps of 1ul
Available Sample tube Size up to 12.8mm diameter / 71mm (Typical Vacutainer available)
Sample Load Capacity 200 Samples
Test Tube Load Capacity 400 Tests
Dispensing Precision CV% < 3% with 10ul
Shaking incubator up to 350 rpm
Washer 20 channel manifold
Detector 10 Detectors, Through hole type
Background I-125 < 150, Co57 <150
Efficiency I-125 > 70%, CS-137 > 26%
Resolution I-129 < 28%, I-125 < 34%, Co57 < 17%
High Voltage 800 - 1000 V
Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC 50 - 60 Hz
Dimmensions L1400 * H1450 * W800
Weight 250 Kg
ETC External PC (Windows OS), Ethenet or USB Connection, GUI Software