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EIA Microplate Shaking Incubator



  • Large Capacity & Separately Controlled Plates

    Four plates can be installed and controlled individually.

  • Detailed Setting of Incubation Temperature

    Incubation temperature can be adjusted from 30 to 50℃ with 1℃ interval.

  • Shaking Speed

    Shaking speed can be adjusted from 300 to 1200 RPM.

  • Safety Mode

    Elevation of temperature to above 55℃ leads to automatic shutdown of the machine.

  • Incubation Completion Indicator

    When incubation time is up, an alarm will ring to alert users.

  • Preheating Mode

    Using this mode, incubation will start only when the required temperature is reached.

  • Touch Screen

    Easy UI is featured with full touch screen and allows everyone to use the machine easily.


Plate Deck 4 (individually controlled plates)
Max Incubation Time Max possible setting time: 995 min, if setting time is not set, it will incubate continuously
Heating Control OFF (room temperature), 30-50℃ Safety Mode: Shut off in case of overheating< 10sec.
Heating Mode Normal Mode / Preheating Mode
Temperature Unit Fahrenheit / Celsius
Shaking Speed(RPM) 1-5 levels of speed: 900-1200 RPM. Power Mode: 2100 RPM
Alarm Alarm when incubation completes
Control Panel View LCD
Power 110V / 200V (50Hz / 60Hz)
Dimension (mm) 350(W) x 430(D) x 150(H)
Weight 10 kg